A New Model for Conferences

Posted by Jonathan Nori on August 20, 2011

You’ve seen them: The Christian conferences. The “theme” conferences: Prophecy, worship, inspiration, pastoral leadership, etc. The conferences organized by denominations, or by a church, or by a group with a specific agenda in mind.

I’ve been to more than my share of conferences. Prophetic conferences. Worship conferences. Pastor’s conferences. Ministry conferences. Evangelism conferences. Deliverance conferences. You name it, I’ve seen it.

Over the years, Christians have done a great job of refining the conference model. But then we stopped, and where the Christian community stopped, other groups kept refining and improving. “Barcamps” are cropping up all over. Some high-profile events are doing away with “green rooms.” Fan gatherings like Tekkoshocon and Otakon are inspiring a new generation of fandom within their circles of influence.

Now is the time for a new kind of Christian conference. Not a conference run by a church, or a ministry, or a pastor, or defined by its epic offertories–but an event run by people, for people.

I was encouraged this past summer by the Wild Goose Festival, which had an amazing program and diversity.

I’m ready for a new kind of conference–are you?

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