Getting Creative

Posted by Jonathan Nori on June 04, 2016

I’ve been getting creative lately.

I don’t have time for it. I may not even have had good ideas.

But I’ve been doing it anyway.

Why? Because if I don’t cultivate my creativity, I will eventually become apathetic about my ideas and never even try to accomplish the things I want.

I keep a list. As I come up with ideas, I record them in a notebook. Then, when I start to feel bored, I go to my list of ideas and start to work on one.

It’s a far more productive use of my time than “being bored,” and it results in some pretty neat things.

Two of my recent creative projects involved working with an aspiring artist friend of mine to create adult coloring books.

Dark Fantasy Coloring Book Cover

Elves Dragons and Fantastic Beasts Cover 2

This little project has even inspired some of the sincerest form of flattery–imitation!

And really, I enjoy being inspirational and inspiring other people to create and succeed.

These coloring books were fun to work on. They required learning a bit about the market, a bit about how to properly format them, and building them out for a print-on-demand solution so that neither I nor the artist has to fill our garages with books.

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