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Posted by Jonathan Nori on February 24, 2012
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The March edition of Christian Retailing is starting to make the rounds, so I figured I better post something about here before I get bombarded with questions. Eh, I’ll probably get lots of questions anyway. 🙂


Look what I did! I have 3 pages of editorial content in this issue of Christian Retailing magazine. Check it out! Read the articles! Disagree with me!

If I could make WordPress embed the document here without linking to it directly, I would. But ask Tyler–my WordPress skills are somewhat lacking.

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Tales of a Corporate Stalker

Posted by Jonathan Nori on October 13, 2009
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I really probably shouldn’t blog this, but it’s too funny not to share.

There is a woman–let’s call her Mabel–who has been calling Destiny Image over the past couple of months.

She started out calling the sales line, but has graduated to the general office number and punches in random extensions.

“Mabel” seems like a nice woman. She has a strong Boston accent. And she is very inquisitive.

In fact, she asks so many questions that today one of the employees dubbed her “Our Very Own Corporate Stalker.”

Every time Mabel calls she seems to need different information. Today, she was asking for the official job title for one of our Acquisitions Agents (it’s “Acquisitions Agent”) for “correspondence.” Previously, she has asked to speak with the heads of certain departments, she has asked who the managers of certain sales representatives are, and has asked probing questions about our authors and attempted to get personal contact information for them (which, really, is not that unusual).

I can only imagine that she is trying to build some kind of organizational chart of the company.

When asked her name, or queried for contact information, she politely declines to answer or ignores the question completely and continues to ask her questions. A staff member once began to pray for her over the phone, and Mabel began screaming “moron” into the phone.

One of these times, I’m hoping that she gets through to me. I have a whole list of fake names and positions (such as Dr. Green in Trauma Counseling, Westley in Wardrobe, and Asuka in Angelic Warfare) that I would like to add to her list of Destiny Image employees. I’ve also got some choice jokes involving caller ID and reverse name lookups that I’d like to share with her.

It’s rather entertaining, really. I think though that Mabel may need a hobby. Or a pet. Maybe I’ll send her a kitten after the next time she calls. Everyone likes teh kittehs.

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My Inner (Virtual) Geek

Posted by Jonathan Nori on July 31, 2009
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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a technology freak.

I love programming. I love gadgets. I love discussing what technology means, what it holds for the future, and most importantly, awesomely cool things I can do with technology at work.

Sometime last year I started playing with a little program called VirtualBox, which allows you to run multiple operating systems within a single environment on your computer. I saw it as a great way to maximize the computer infrastructure of Destiny Image, and to have some fun in the process.

I seem to have inspired Tyler, as he jumped into playing with VirtualBox with both feet. CORRECTION: Tyler introduced me to VirtualBox, and since then we’ve both been playing with it pretty heavily. I used it to simply solve some annoying logistical problems, like easily running Windows on my MacBook, or running a tested for operating systems without needing another computer to muck about with. I also played around with trying to move existing operating system installs into a virtualized environment, but without much luck. Tyler thought this was an excellent idea, and like me, was interested in the possibility of taking some of our older, rarely-used (but important and highly-specialized) application servers and reducing their processor footprint.

This past week, while I was in Canada (which is something I might write about in the near future), Tyler really got into virtualization through the new VMware ESXi Hypervisor package from VMware. It is awesome.

In less than a week, and without any training whatsoever, Tyler managed to create fully virtual, runnable, active instances of several of the mission-critical application servers at Destiny Image. I even used one of them today (along with most of Destiny Image), and there was no performance reduction.

There is still a bit more testing to be done, but the application potential of this is nearly unlimited. And WAY fun.

Anyone have an extra 64-bit Opteron or Xeon box sitting around? Preferably a laptop with this kind of processor horsepower? I could really use a machine to play with. 🙂

The Power of No

Posted by Jonathan Nori on March 04, 2009
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I have discovered a word that can turn anyone in a screaming, red-faced, quivering mass of fury, be it a 50-something grandmother, a 22 year-old college graduate, or a 4 year-old.

That word is “No”.

And I should really learn to use it more often. And stick to it when I do.

I’ve discovered that, at heart, I’m a really flexible, easy-going person. I go with the flow, often to my detriment. Even when I know I should be saying “no”, I say “yes” because it’s “easier”. Unfortunately, that “easier” keeps coming back to bite me.

In fact, I had a coworker warn me today about this very thing. And did I listen? Of course not. And there’s going to be an “I told you so” in there for me somewhere. And I’m going to deserve it, because my “yes” has already come back to bite me in the ass.

So maybe I should start applying the same rules I’ve learned about saying “no” to my kid:

1. Say “no”.

2. If they yell, say “no” again, in the same tone.

3. If they yell a third time, explain why the answer is still “no”.

4. If they yell a fourth time (or, as in the case of my little girl, starts trying to hit me), the answer is still “no”, somebody goes in for a time-out or a spanking (or possibly bedtime), and the matter is closed.

I foresee wailing and the gnashing of teeth the next time I say “no”, because I’m going to start taking the good advice I get, and stick to it.

Sometimes I hate self-examination. 🙂



Twenty-five years and counting…

Posted by Jonathan Nori on December 04, 2008
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I’ve spent a good portion of the last two weeks going through archives and photos in preparing some displays for the upcoming Destiny Image 25th Anniversary celebration (Friday, December 5).

You never quite realize how many people come and go in your life until you sit down and actually think about it. It seems to be even worse when you have photographic evidence. Ah, nostalgia!

K.S. and I were talking today and realized that we are getting to the point where we should probably have a company historian. I’m sure nobody thought we would ever need one. I don’t think we thought we’d make it this long sometimes.

But 25 years is pretty admirable. Here’s to the next 25!